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Post From Pat

Hi everybody!! Pat Dailey here...

I decided it's time for me to jump (with both feet) into the electronic communications world!
I'm always on the cutting edge of 1993, aren't I?

First, a big "THANK YOUUUU"...
to everyone who e-mailed my website and said such kind words.
I wish I could answer them all and I'm trying to get better at it.

In the meantime, I'm going to post (is that the word?)
some thoughts on my "fan/friend" managed Facebook page and my website from time to time.

I hope to pass along some thoughts I have on my shows and the people that I meet in my travels.


* Sorry, I don't have a book with lyrics or chords for my songs but I hear there are some websites that do that sort of thing.

* No, I don't plan on retiring any time soon. I enjoy my work now more than ever! (I hope you do too!)..

I could spend my life thanking you for all your support over these many years. It means EVERYTHING to me. THANK YOU, .....THANK YOOOOOOOU!

Thank you for another sold-out season at Sloppy Joe's in Key West, and the huge night at Groove Street, Fort Myers.

Looking forward to my 31st season at Put-In-Bay...please check my website for one-nighters and my schedule at the Boat House this summer.

If you want, you can sign up for my e-mail list to keep up to date on where I'm going...(that's what I use to find out where I'm supposed to be).

I'll be glad to "post", more later after I see if this gets "posted", and if anybody reads it....and "posts" back.

more later...

Patrick Huston Dailey

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